April Announcements

20 Apr

Friendly Reminders

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

photo by Kevin May

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Please make sure that you have one carbon monoxide detector on both floors of your homes. Detection of this odorless toxin can save your life. Most modern smoke alarms come with a carbon monoxide detector built in. If you already have a carbon monoxide detector, remember to check the batteries at least once a year.

For more information on the dangers of carbon monoxide, see the EPA’s recommendations.


Send us
a picture of your pet (or pets), along with a brief description of how great they are, to get your favorite fuzzy family member featured in our blog!

If you have a dog, please remember to pick up after its mess. Leaving your dog’s indiscretions on the ground for everyone to smell and see (not to mention potentially step in) is really embarrassing for them.


Water Savings

Would you like to help the environment by saving water while also saving Briar Wood money? If you buy dual flush kits (example), two of our local handymen are willing to install new flushers on all your toilets for free! Dual flushers use less water to flush liquids, and a bit more for solids. Both ways use less water than a standard toilet.

If you are interested, email us or call Claudia, the property manager.

Dryer Vents

The Association wants to pay to have your dryer vent cleaned! As part of a larger energy-savings plan, the Association will pay for our contractor to clean your dryer vent from inside your house. Additional repair work may need to be done in the attics, but homeowners should not need to do anything extra. If you schedule an appointment with our contractor, the fee will be paid for by the Association, at no cost to you.

More info on the dryer vent cleaning coming soon!

Upcoming Projects

The board is planning lots of major projects this spring, especially for the west side of Unity. The main goal of these projects is to improve the energy efficiency of the buildings, but additional goals are to hopefully stop the ice dams on the roofs, and to fix any dryer vent issues. Another happy effect of these projects is closing off areas critters can get into. These projects will lead to long-term cost-savings for your home. These projects include:

  • replacing fascia wrap and soffits to improve airflow through attics
  • adding more roof vents to improve circulation through attics
  • fixing gutters to decrease the number and size of icicles
  • insulating pipes in attics to improve energy efficiency

We look forward to the projects and your cooperation. If you have any questions, contact Claudia the property manager.