Annual meeting and a safety note

22 Jan

Cold enough for you? It certainly is for we hearty folk of Briar Wood. But with the dark coldness come a couple of seasonal reminders:

  1. Our annual meeting is Tuesday the 29th. Remember to send in your proxy to Betty Hill before then, regardless of whether you plan to attend the meeting. We need to make sure we have a quorum to elect the board. More information will be handed out before the meeting.
  2. Please remember to wear reflective clothing or a light of some kind while enjoying the trail and roads in our neighborhood after dark. Regardless of a car’s speed, if you are as dark as the rest of the night, you (or your dog) run a higher risk of getting hurt. According to, most pedestrian accidents occur between the hours of 5pm and 11pm. Please be safe! Even if you keep to the trails, reflective gear or a light will make your walk so much safer. reflective dog gear

See you at the annual meeting!