Trust Your Gut

5 Oct

Here’s a good reminder from our neighbor Joe.

In my military career I worked in heathcare and then missiles. My healthcare experience had to wait until I retired, but on occasion I find places where the security and healthcare intersect.

I recently was preparing for an upcoming presentation on the Neuropsychology of Psychological Development and realized that one part of the topic I am speaking to is of importance to the Briarwood Community – personal safety and intuition.

Often misunderstood is the simple fact that the mind and body are one. That means intuition is a combination of things you learn which include subtle sensory input.

Bottom line – if the hairs on the back of your neck go up as you are walking down the street but you do not see anything obviously wrong – trust your instinct and get the heck out of there. Your senses are picking up subtle cues to danger in the area. Better to look like you are running to catch a bus to the strangers than to be a victim regretting your decision to “look appropriate”.

Stay well and happy.