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Annual Meeting

1 Feb

The Briar Wood annual homeowner’s meeting was held January 31st. Our quorum of 39 homeowners was exceeded, so we conducted business as planned. President Mike Belko presented much of the agenda, and no objections were made to the budget. Not surprisingly, the most discussion was about the pool situation. Because we will need to make a decision about either building a new pool or filling in the existing one next year, Emily suggested that a task force be formed.

Shari O’Flanagan and Betty Hill will co-chair this task force, and several homeowners at the meeting kindly volunteered to be on the task force as well. We would love more homeowner input, so if you would like to join the task force, please email One of the first orders of business will be to speak with the condo board about whether they will change their bylaws and pitch in 40% for a new pool. If the condos do not change their bylaws, we (the patio homes) will be responsible for the full cost of the new pool (around $300,000). Whether or not the condos pay 40%, all patio homeowners will need to pay a special assessment.

A loyal board member and wonderful community activist, Renee Desarmeaux, has moved into a new home and will no longer serve on the board after many years of service. She will be sorely missed at meetings and around the neighborhood. Anne O’Brian accepted nomination and will join the board immediately. We welcome Anne and know that her input will be invaluable!

Thank you, homeowners and residents, for a great 2011. It was a rough year financially for a lot of folks, including Briar Wood, but we are steady and ready for 2012!


August Board Meeting Minutes

25 Sep

The August meeting minutes were approved at September’s meeting. Download them here (Word doc).

August Meeting

16 Aug

Sorry for the late notice, but the August meeting is 6:00 on August 16th.

June Minutes

16 Aug

Download the Word document.