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February 2015 Pet of the Month

18 Feb

This month Dave D. shares the story of his cute kitty, Dee.

Dee is the second cat in a row that I have adopted from the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley. She has plenty of energy, but is an easy-going animal and lets me clip her front nails. It doesn’t hurt that I reward her with cat treats afterward. The Animal Humane Society has really changed for the better since my first adoption about 19 years ago. All pets are now spayed or neutered and come with an imbedded microchip in case they get lost. The adoption fee also includes the cost of your first vet visit. I highly recommend them if you are considering adding four legs to your home. Just remember we do have a size limit here.

Dee the orange kitty

Dee the orange kitty


It’s Nearly Girl Scout Cookie Season!

28 Jan

Treat yourself and a loved one this Valentine’s Day!

Starting on February 14th you can contact Lisa Robinson at to order your favorite Girl Scout cookies for $4 a box. Her daughter will be happy to bring the cookies to you!

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– posted by Stacia on 1/27/2015

2015 Annual Meeting Reminder

20 Jan

Where: Valley Community Presbyterian Church (just up the road)

When: 7:00pm Jan 27

Why: It’s a great chance to see neighbors in these cold months, and get the the scoop on 2014 while looking forward to this year.

Remember: Send in your proxy votes per the packet you received around January 13th.

See you there!

January 2015’s Pet of the Month

17 Jan

It’s been¬†nearly 4¬†years since beginning the Pet of the Month program on this site; and we finally have not one, but two new pets to share!

Joe from our neighborhood tells the hard knox story of his two adorable Dachshunds, Gretchen and Emily:

Gretchen and Emily, weiner dogs

Gretchen and Emily were adopted in 2007 from Underdog Rescue after a raid on an Amish Puppy Mill near Eau Claire. Gretchen has 80% of her left side with third degree burns from being unfortunate to be issued a bottom cage where she slept in feces and urine.
They have lost most of their teeth from the poor diet and Gretchen has liver disease, but with special care they live a happy life.
They eat a soft-special diet and tend to be anti-social, so don’t expect to see them much around the neighborhood. They prefer to just stay in their own yard because they are spoiled, old ladies that are happy and content with each others company. They are authentic Dachshunds now at age 13 – forgetting all the bad events of years ago.